Does IPStreamz contain any channels?
No channels included, IPStreamz application does not include any channels and no information will be provided about where you can get channels or channel packages.

Samsung Tizen

I have paid for the app, but the latest version of the app is not automatically installed on my tv.
Tizen version support - I have a Samsung Tizen Tv, but the IPStreamz app is not working for me
What happens after the Trial version?
When do i need to reload data?
I have changed provider but my old favorite content is still shown in the app. How can i remove them?
Does IPStreamz support having multiple providers in same URL?


MAC address on Android version 10+ devices

Samsung Tv - Remote features

Select button: Used to select a content in a list. While playing a tv channel, pressing the select button will show the channel list while playing continues in the background.

Cursor: Used to navigate up/down/right/left in the app

Blue button: Used to reload data when on home screen. Used also to search for movies/tv shows when on movies/tv shows pages.

Yellow button: Used to add/remove content to/from My lists (favorites)

Red button: Used to change subtitle

Green button: Used to change audio track